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The Bozzuto Group is a real estate company. Bozzuto has four main divisions—Bozzuto Management Company, Bozzuto Construction Company, Bozzuto Development Company, and Bozzuto Homes Inc. The company has developed, acquired, and built more than 45,000 homes and apartments. Currently, it manages more than 70,000 apartments and 2.2 million square feet of retail space along the East Coast between Miami and Boston, in the Northeast and Chicago. Its headquarters are in Greenbelt, Maryland. It was subsidized by Prince George's County, Maryland in 2013.

Molly Z. from New York shared her opinion about Bozzuto on Yelp in August 2020:

"Bozzuto is probably the worst management company out there. I don't understand how they are still in business, to be honest. There is absolutely no communication with residents about important issues, such as boil water advisories in effect due to E. Coli contamination (twice in a period of a few months Bozzuto failed to notify residents about this type of advisory), their handling of the staff, and management of the building during the peak times of COVID was abysmal, and the managers of the individual building that I live in are completely unresponsive. If not for the great location and floorplan of my unit, I would not be living in a Bozzuto building."


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Former Employee - Sales and Marketing says

"Company organization, senior management in connecticut is disorganized"

Current Employee - Resident Concierge says

"Where do I Start? The company provides many opportunities for advancement but based on my experience and the experience of others that I have talked to , it appears you must fit a certain "look" in order to advance in this company or know someone who knows someone. You must wait a year to apply for a position and if you are a Bozzuto employee you are guaranteed an interview, but if you don't fit a particular look you will not be promoted. I have been working as a Resident Concierge for years & applied/interviewed for well over 10 positions to Sales & Marketing Associate but have always been told I don't have enough experience, despite the Sales Associates at the the property that I work at not having experience before being hired. As a Resident Concierge I am not given a break. You heard me right- NO. LUNCH. BREAKS- As a Resident Concierge, you are expected to work for 8 hours straight with no lunch break and no 15 minute break. And when I want to take off for a medical appointment I MUST take minimum 4 hours at a time because a temp agency is hired to cover my position. As a Resident Concierge I am treated like a second class citizen by my peers, there is no respect and a lot of Sales Associates appear to have a superiority complex where they believe they are above the Concierge, and the Resident Concierge is their Secretary. A lot of extremely heavy packages (furniture) that you are expected to lift and move by yourself and will wear and tear your body down. This is truly a dehumanizing position that a person should not stay in for too long unless they are at a property that respects the concept of lunch breaks and teamwork...which I have yet to find."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I think the company is focused on quantity over quality at least on the management side. The former president (Julie Smith) was very personable and always had the brightest ideas to make everyone feel connected and a part of community. It all went downhill after she left her role and it seems to be just another company where you're a number rather than a person."

Former Employee - Property Accountant says

"Too many hours are required to complete all needed tasks, low support from the management, culture of favoritism, employees are focused solely on their own tasks and do not think how it will affect their peers and the company overall, meeting deadlines is a priority in The Bozzuto over quality of work that is performed."

Sales & Marketing Associate (Former Employee) says

"I worked on-site at a property and it was my first job out of college. It honestly was the worst experience of my life. Stay far away from this company if you’re a minority and want to be treated equally!"

Maintenance manager (Former Employee) says

"The property manager at 1 city place is the worst. She hated me from the start and I got fired for no reason their. Worst experience when she came to the company. I would still be their if it wasn’t for her"

Sales & Marketing Associate/Leasing Professional (Former Employee) says

"My property manager portrayed strong abuse of power. Furthermore, manager did not execute training well . She has lost many employees in the past including myself. She verbally abuses and unfortunately HR did not reprimand nor compensate me for the mental abuse. After many formally written complaints to HR, none came for my aid. I highly do not recommend this position as a first time career position. It’s very unfortunate because the company executed quality lifestyle for residents but does not address injustice in the work environment , effectively level applicants. I’m sorry to say but this is levels"

Tech (Former Employee) says

"Don’t waste you time here the tech are a joke and they don’t value no one no matter how far they go out of there way the new fleet manger of this company only won by default he is under Qualified and likes to keep people under there Potential, plus has a hard time do computer work that the service writers have to show him how to do things like a five year old my advise seek employment with a company that will train you and not make you do swap diag E r"

Resident Experience Director (Former Employee) says

"When you do a good job at this company they will pile on the duties without offering advancement or extra compensation. They swap out Property Managers every year so its impossible to get comfortable. Also they expect the front desk to also be responsible for janitorial tasks."

Sales Marketing Associates (Former Employee) says

"Don't bother - politics, politics, politics... They are more worried about the Operations Presidents' shoes then the owners' assets. If you're not part of the 'in crowd' you're nobody."

Leasing Manager/Property Manager (Former Employee) says

"Bozzuto was ill prepared for the community management my region required. Managers were terminated with no notice to the community and those in charge of overseeing the transition while new managers were implemented were distracted at best. Career advancements and training were denied until after a formal resignation letter was submitted and ignored. Compensation is not in line with market. They operate on a lean mentality requiring all employees to stretch and overburden themselves to save the bottom line. Failure to meet that requirement will result in termination. No protection from abusive clients and ownership groups.NoneManagement"

Lead Concierge Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Nice Company Poor Leadership. No communication between manager and supervisor. No support to supervisors and allowing them to be a leader and to be seen as and respected as a leader to the team"

Service Manager (Former Employee) says

"Loved working here at first however after several take overs and expansions into new markets the company has changed and unfortunately not for the better."

Payroll Specialist (Former Employee) says

"I was very excited when i was called and offered the position as payroll specialist in the corporate office. I resigned from my job and gladly exepted. During my first week the payroll manager quit which only left myself and one other payroll specialist who's only been with the company for 3-4 months and she messes up everyone's paycheck and she blames everything and everyone else. I had no one to train me and i was let go after a week for not knowing the system they use. I had three interviews, background check, reference check and resume verified and i made it very clear that i had no experience with their system. For such a well known company, i expected a lot more. They will make a lot of promisses but once you get in there, you are on your own....set for failure. Worst experience i've ever had with a company. STAY AWAY!!!nice buildingno training, poor management"

Concierge (Former Employee) says

"Worked at a property in dc and had to take on the work load of concierge, leasing, and management. Still paid the same rate. I did more work then the lead concierge. When I complained about the work load being too much the manager told me too bad that it was not going to change.Looks good on a resumeManagement did not care about the lower level positions"

Accountant (Former Employee) says

"awful environment petty managers internal disputes lied about job advancement prospects manager must approve internal transfers HR does not answer questions does not provide recommendations"

Maintenance Tech (Former Employee) says

"I was a maintenance tech here. My shift was 8am-430pm. If I showed up after 745am for an 8am shift I was written up.Thats 15 minutes of free labor every day because I was only paid starting at 8am.Several occations I was required to stay late for no pay. Managers were clicky. Definatly not what I was hired for."

Sales and Marketing Associate (Former Employee) says

"Hard workers get rewarded with nothing, they will overwork you and not compensate or advance you. Notorious for having employees pay property expenses and taking months to reimburse. No sense of organization, consistency between properties, or managers at all. MANY PROPERTIES OPERATE WITHOUT STAFF BEING LICENSED. Not a good place to grow, standards have dropped significantly.Competitive payUnorganized, no support from higher ups, understaffed"

LEAD CONCIERGE (Former Employee) says

"They have their desired status quo and nothing will get i the way of it. Stress caused me to take leave of absence and when I returned n one cared. I wrote the CEO and everyone in his chain of command and to this day have not heard back.BenefitsPlay their game or you lose."

Sales and Service Associate (Former Employee) says

"Pay is terrible. Bonuses are unreliable. Monthly quotas are sometimes unrealistic- One February there were several feet of snow on the ground and a state of emergency was called which restricted people from driving. I got a write up that February because I got four leases and not 6, per my required quota. Every day off, I received at least four phone calls asking about work things, so I never truly relaxed. My co workers were catty and dishonest. I was the top leaser in the company from January to July, and I talked to my manager about making a lateral move to another property. I was advised that my performance would have to be monitored for 90 more days before the request could be considered. I lived on site and when I moved out, $900 was accidentally deducted from my check for rent. Instead of correcting the issue, it was decided that this would be a penalty for breaking my lease. EMPLOYEES DON'T HAVE LEASE BREAK PENALTIES. I received a bonus check after leaving the company. I called to ask if it was an error and advised that if I didn't hear back, I'd assume it was correct. After a week, I deposited the check. A week later, after still not hearing back, the check was reversed. And please do not make the mistake of thinking that this is an isolated incident. Lots of people at my new property management company had similar experiences with Bozzuto. Money. That's all Bozzuto cares about. So if you aren't green and made of paper, keep on looking.Leaving.Working for these crooks."

Assistant General Manager, Property Bookkeeper (Former Employee) says

"One of worse experiences ever. My mom was on her death bed no one cared and my mom died months after leaving Bozzuto. I outworked every staff there and upper was trying away get rid of me. Other staff was allowed keep their job no call no show, others did not process documents correctly never written up. Promotions given to people because they are apart in crowd"

Asst Manager (Former Employee) says

"If you are white you can move up the ladder. If not you'll get discriminated and even when you reported theft and get retaliated they won't protect you.40 hours / weekbad management and raciest"

Maintenance Technician III (Former Employee) says

"The company has great values and culture bit its expansion is leading to loss of talent within the company as well as tenants. as a worker for bozzuto management i went from a tech to a manager in 3 years due to the fact that i worked day and night most weekends and at times 4-8 months on call due to HR hiring process and the lack of training and support that one needs , what they tell you in orientation sound awesome, fun , great that's only at headquarters but on the the field is a total disaster ."

Resident Manager (Current Employee) says

"Terrible company to work for. Employees are not cared for. As usual, the customer is always right and the demand for sales versus actual customer service is ridiculous."

Jason T Bozzuto says

"dude LITERALLY robbed me. After working on and off for EIGHT YEARS, i hired him to do a job. paid him, and GAVE HIM a website... for FREE! (club max seo) He completely ignored me and never did the job. Then I filed a pay-pal dispute. Nobody should go through this. He finally contacts me and tells me that he will do the job and please withdraw the dispute. I told him i no longer needed the work done. but agreed, that id he did a small job, that would only take TEN MINUTES. I'd be satisfied. He agreed. Then I withdrew the dispute, and once again...IGNORES me. After withdrawing the paypal case , paypal wont re-open. LITERALLY ROBBED an 8 year loyal customer. BUYER BEWARE" is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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